Published: Wed, October 02, 2019
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Ex-Dallas officer convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing

Ex-Dallas officer convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing

Amber Guyger, too, will have witnesses who will testify to her character.

Guyger, 31, could face life in prison for the slaying.

The guilty verdict comes after a week-long trial in which Amber Guyger's defense tried to show that Guyger was justified in killing her 26-year-old neighbor, Botham Jean.

Guyger's lawyers have said the 31-year-old, who was sacked from the police force shortly after she killed Jean, was exhausted and scared when she heard someone inside the unit she thought was her own that night.

She told the jurors she feared for her life upon finding the door to what she thought was her apartment unlocked.

"A 26-year-old college-educated black man, certified public accountant, working for one of the big three accounting firms in the world ... it shouldn't take all of that for unarmed black and brown people in America to get justice", Mr Crump said.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Guyger has been convicted of murder.

Jean's mother, Allison, said "God is good".

Someone yelled, "Thank you, Jesus" following the verdict.

Guyger sat alone, weeping, at the defense table. "This sticks out, literally, like a red thumb", lead prosecutor Jason Hermus said in court Monday, holding up the doormat to the jury.

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A white former Dallas police officer has been found guilty of murder in the fatal shooting of her unarmed, black neighbor in his apartment. It might be that the jury wanted to make sure Guyger did real time for the conviction rather than leave probation open as a possibility, too.

Guyger said she accidentally parked on the fourth floor although she lived on the third. He said the shooting was a tragic mistake. Guyger lived one floor directly below Jean.

The doctrine enshrined in Texas law gives a resident the right to use deadly force to defend themselves or their home if they reasonably believe that it's immediately necessary.

Guyger testified she entered Jean's apartment thinking it was hers, and believed she encountered a burglar who might kill her. Jean's apartment was one floor above Guyger's. Jurors were also allowed to consider a manslaughter charge, which can carry between two and 20 years behind bars.

The family didn't know the judge was going to ask to see the footage, S. Lee Merritt, a Jean family attorney, said.

Amber Guyger shot the unarmed Botham Jean in his own apartment in September past year, claiming that she mistook his home for hers and believed he was a burglar.

FacebookAmber Guyger and Botham Jean. The jury had to decide if she was guilty of either murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Despite expectations that it would take longer, a jury voted to convict after prosecutors convinced them that the September 6, 2018 shooting was not accidental, but an incident in which Guyger deliberately opened fire before properly assessing the situation. They also presented evidence that there was no blood on Guyger's clothing and the gloves she possessed were unsoiled, indicating she might not have given CPR to Jean. Guyger said that going through the doorway with her pistol drawn, "was the only option that went through my head".

Guyger was charged with murder then fired from the force.

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