Published: Tue, October 08, 2019
World Media | By Camille Neal

Extinction Rebellion protesters shut down London

Extinction Rebellion protesters shut down London

The protest was organized by climate activism organization Extinction Rebellion, according to CNBC. "It's clear Vancouver people care deeply about the climate crisis".

In London, Extinction Rebellion expects between 20,000 and 30,000 people from local groups across the United Kingdom to make their way to the capital over the next two weeks, aiming to cause disruption to get the government to act on the climate crisis. More than 1,000 activists were arrested at that time, of whom 850 were prosecuted for various public disorder offences.

Members of Extinction Rebellion also set up a camp outside German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, reflecting dissatisfaction with a climate policy package drawn up in September by her government.

"What we're trying to do is create enough noise that the conversation starts", George S., a member of Extinction Rebellion Edmonton told CTV News Edmonton."Nothing is happening, it feels like we're sleepwalking off a cliff here and we're arguing about who's gonna be late for work".

Protestors have reportedly been instructed to refuse bail when arrested in the hope that police holding cells will become full, restricting capacity for further arrests.

We are expecting many more arrests at the rebellion in October and would like these rebels to know that support is already in place should they need it.

The stock exchange protest featured a mock funeral with people strewn on the ground, covered in blood.

TV stars were at the environmental group's "opening ceremony" under Nelson's Column as thousands closed major bridges, blocked numerous roads and even invaded The Mall during the Changing of the Guard where Rylance helped carry a giant banner saying: "extinction or rebellion".

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Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa protesters block off Lambton Quay in Wellington. "We had demonstrations, and they are still leading us down the road to absolute disaster, a disaster that will be so much worse than any disruption that we are able to cause in a week in Dublin".

City authorities had granted the group a licence to demonstrate on the condition that it not block traffic. 14-year-old protestor Grace Maddrell said: "I'm here today because I am angry that no one is doing anything to save my future".

Dutch police said they detained about 90 demonstrators near the Dutch capital's Rijksmuseum, where the blockade has been hindering traffic since early morning.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Zoe Jones said Marble Arch will be used throughout the two-week protests as other sites are moved between.

Protests also began in Australia and New Zealand, where hundreds of people blocked streets. "But you have to rely on the goodness of other people", said Devin Radcliffe, who was part of the chain of nine protesters that blocked traffic Monday morning.

They also aim to shut down roads and stage a sit-in at London City Airport, among other demonstrations.

Activists barricaded themselves to vehicles in Westminster early on Monday as the demonstrations got under way.

Reporter Mattijs van de Wiel told NOS that the arrests happened without any form of violence.

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