Published: Wed, October 02, 2019
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Former cop Guyger says she wishes Lucian Botham had killed her instead

Former cop Guyger says she wishes Lucian Botham had killed her instead

He said the state failed to prove that Guyger's belief that Jean was an intruder in her own apartment was unreasonable and that "the law recognizes that mistakes can be made". "I am so sorry". I wish he were the one with the gun which had killed me. She testified that the apartment was dark and that when the silhouetted person inside began approaching her at a "fast-paced" walk, she called out, "Let me see your hands!" Guyger was later arrested, fired and charged with murder.

In her testimony Friday, the 31-year-old Guyger, who is white, repeatedly apologized for killing Jean, a black accountant from the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia who lived a floor above her.

In a frantic 911 call played in court earlier this week, Guyger says "I thought it was my apartment" almost 20 times.

"I was alone with him, and that's the scariest thing you can ever imagine", Guyger said of shooting PwC associate Botham Jean. "I ask God for forgiveness and I hate myself every day", she said through tears.

Body cam video shows the aftermath - with Guyger claiming she thought she was in her own apartment.

Under questioning, Guyger said she did some CPR, but added that her training had been limited and that she "had never tried it on a person" before.

Hermus told the jury of four men and eight women that Guyger missed blatant clues that she was not in her own apartment - including the smell of marijuana smoke - because she was distracted after a 16-minute phone conversation with her former police partner during her commute.

His shooting drew widespread attention because of the unusual circumstances and because it was one in a string of shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers.

Guyger said her heart rate skyrocketed as she opened the door fully to take on the threat.

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"I can't tell you why", Guyger said.

"It started hitting me that this guy, I have no idea who he is, and that's when everything just started to spin", she testified.

Under cross-examination, the prosecution pointed out that Guyger's emotional appearance in court belied her actions the night she killed Jean, when he said she was not in tears while sitting comfortably in the squad vehicle using her phone.

HERMUS: You chose to pull your gun, to level it off and shoot at Mr. Jean.

In addition to the murder charge, the jury will have to determine whether she committed lesser offenses, such as manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.

"I knew someone was moving around inside my apartment so I wanted just to find that threat", the former Dallas police officer said.

The prosecutor additionally pressed Guyger on why she merely didn't select to not enter the condominium she thought was her personal if she felt her life was in peril.

Texas Ranger David Armstrong testified that about a quarter of the 300 residents that investigators had interviewed at Guyger's apartment complex said they had previously put their keys in the wrong door. Guyger's attorney denied the claim of an alleged rendezvous, though Guyger did have a sexual relationship with the married man at one time.

The former officer's attorneys argue that Guyger fired in self-defense after mistaking Jean for a burglar and contends the shooting was a tragic mistake.

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