Published: Thu, October 03, 2019
Electronics | By Darnell Patrick

Google can recognize accident and call emergency number with app

Google can recognize accident and call emergency number with app

However, it's not yet known whether it would be exclusive to Pixel 4 handsets or would be available on all Pixel devices.

We don't know yet when these features will actually roll out and if it will be available for all Pixel devices. The app will reportedly make use of various sensors, including the accelerometer and microphone, to attempt the detect an accident. After this, the app sounds an alarm at full volume and asks if the user is okay. Without a response from the user to stop the alert, the smartphone automatically contacts emergency services and transmits the vehicle's location. It will ask you to say the word "emergency" to call 911 or cancel if it made a mistake. If you do respond that you are okay Personal Safety asks what happened, and you can pick between no crash or minor crash to help improve future detection accuracy. This would be particularly useful when you find yourself in a unsafe situation. You can create a custom message to send to multiple contacts which includes your location as well. Both apps are speculated to come pre-installed on the Pixel 4. Previous year alone, about 40,000 people died in road accidents in the US. It is also expected to announce a new Pixelbook 2 and smart home speakers at the event.

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The Pixel 4 rumor frenzy continues with a brand new development that doesn't necessarily concern the upcoming fourth-gen Google phones. In Europe, the eCall system is now required in all new cars. But that wire connecting the left and right earbuds surely confused consumers and even Google's own employees in the age of the AirPods. Google is now back onto the business as well. If you're unable to speak, there are also buttons you can tap for either. With that said, one such new item that should be fun to see in action on stage and in-person is going to be the new Google Assistant.

This is possible thanks to Pixel 4 demo units that are up for grabs from Malaysian auction site Shopee, with one seller promising to ship a Clearly White Pixel 4 XL if you agree to pay some $1,200.

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