Published: Mon, October 07, 2019
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Hina Khan to enter Bigg Boss 13?

Hina Khan to enter Bigg Boss 13?

He then reveals that there is no elimination this week. Affected by Salman Khan's words in the previous days' episode, Aarti Singh is still trying to untangle the mixed signals and is seen opening up to Devoleena and Paras. Katrina Kaif of Punjab, Shahnaz Gill, is also going to answer amusing questions of Bhaijaan.

Salman also plays a fun task "Galat Fehmi" with the contestants.

Salman moves to next task where the housemates are asked to wear hair bands which has balloons on it. Salman asks the housemates to take a housemates name who they have a complain about and burts their balloons.

For Rashami, even if Asim is getting out of the task, it was fine because he didn't want his skin to be burnt.

Siddhartha Dey burst Abu Malik's balloons and tells that he feels that there is no need to take a bath and brush teeth which is wrong.

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Rashami Desai is asked to get the picnic basket from the storeroom which is filled with snacks and share it between Dalljiet, Mahira and Devoleena. So in another promo video released now, the makers have shown how Salman Khan's questions are going to pierce through contestants as a bullet and they will fumble to answer him. The girls try to make her understand why they feel Siddhartha Dey is not right. Rashami says he can't call Koena Mahaulli ki aunty. She was seen posing along with host Salman Khan.

Salman further turns to address the rationing issue and cracks a whip on Shehnaz for her poor management skills and gives her advice to do her job better. You should go to the corner and speak so that you can only hear what you say. Paras and Siddharth Shukla have a great future.

Hina Khan shared a few pictures on her social media. Hina Khan introduces the new supermarket of the house to the contestants but with a twist. She didn't go in Bhedchal for Queen. She choses a food item. Being a manager, Hina meets the contestants one-by-one and are offers choices.

Finally, Salman discussed the luxury budget task, which Bigg Boss had to cancel. He told her that while she stood up for herself initially, she started taking a passive stance later. Arti breaks down after listening to brother Krushna Abhishek's voice.

Salman asks Shehnaz Gill to dance to Bumbro which he does while the other housemates sing along.

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