Published: Tue, October 01, 2019
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UK will leave the EU on Oct. 31 - finance minister Javid says

UK will leave the EU on Oct. 31 - finance minister Javid says

The finance minister said the United Kingdom government needs to obey the law and regulations but is taking a controlled look at one of the possibilities which force Johnson to ask for a delay in Brexit in case the arrangement is not reached with the European Union by October 19.

Labour's John McDonnell, the party's top finance official, said on Saturday he had asked Mark Sedwill, the government's cabinet secretary, to investigate any conflict of interest after former finance minister Philip Hammond said "speculators" who backed Johnson stood to profit from a falling pound in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Javid is unlikely to respond for the government in parliament as he will be making his speech to the Conservative Party conference.

At the same time, the minister refused to specify how the government intends to deliver Brexit in a no-deal scenario.

The Chancellor Sajid Javid is expected to announce the creation of two "all-electric bus towns" as part of a £220m package of funding to overhaul bus services.

After almost a decade of deficit-reducing spending cuts under a Conservative-led government, the recently appointed Javid, a 49-year-old free markets advocate, has promised to rewrite the rules that underpin spending.

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"The legislation that parliament has passed of course has made things more hard, but we are clear our own policy is completely unchanged, we will be leaving on 31st", Javid said.

The Government will also set a goal for contactless payments to be made available on every city bus.

"If there were to be some dodge that the government would try to introduce, I think we could counter it".

The new mechanism to define spending and borrowing limits has not yet been agreed, but it is expected to allow higher levels of state-funded infrastructure investment.

Britain's opposition parties have met to plan how to be block a "no-deal" Brexit from taking place against Parliament's will.

Polling firm Opinium said Labour gained 2 percentage points after its conference in Brighton last week, when it committed to a huge expansion of public spending, but the Conservatives still held a 12-point lead.

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